A Visit to Guan-Shan Gourmet   Huo-Sheng Bakery 關山火盛餅舖 

                                                                                                                          by June Hwang 




          Ever since1960s Huo-Sheng Bakery has been noted for its red bean bread. There is perhaps no better example of the same kind than Huo-Sheng Bakery. It is synonymous with Guan-Shan gourmet. Nearly most of the adults grown up there are reminded of their childhood at the moment the name is mentioned. Every afternoon a variety of flavors of bread come freshly out of the oven just ready for children and adults from school and work to fulfill their stomachs.

        It traces back to 1950s. The first generation owner, Huo-Sheng Lin, originated the store with products mainly focusing on cookies, also inclusive of long-life peach cakes, buns, moon cakes, etc. The name of the store was obviously taken after his own name.


        It was not until ’60s when he accomplished learning how to make bread that Lin the master with the help of his wife transformed the store into a bakery and Huo-Sheng Bakery came into being.

        Lin the master makes bread of multiple flavors such as bread stuffed with    peanut, cream butter, taro, and red beans, partly by hand. Of all this red bean flavor is proved the most popular with the customers, locals and outsiders, surprisingly, even tourists from Hong Kong. Because of the limit of maximum capacity, 50 loaves a day, all is sold out by 5-6 p.m.

        Lin the master boasts that they do all they can to keep the quality of bread as fresh and unchanged as the very beginning. For example, the selection of ingredient supplies, and the step-by-step procedures are strictly supervised by the master himself. In addition, they also do all they can to avoid overworking, and using artificial spices; and they forbid overproduction at ant rate.

        When asked about the secret of the bakery management, the madam smiled and said, “We do so with love and enthusiasm.”






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