Chi-Shang Doupi (豆皮) Shop    

                                                          by June Hwang 



         Doupi is a byproduct of soy milk making, and there is such a shop as the Doupi Shop in Chi-Shang. No one else is so specialized in making such tasty and nutritious Doupi as it in Taitung.


        The owner is originally from MiaoLi county who relocated in Taitung more than 40 years ago. He has been following traditional way of soy milk making using wood burning stoves. With the steam from wood burning to boil the soy milk, then pot by pot, pieces of coagulated milk skin appeared on top of the surface of heated soy milk. 


        Once you stepped into the factory, you feel waves of heat immediately. Sheets of milk skin are scooped up from the surface of soy milk. Its skin is thinner than Doupi. After drying on the wires, Doubao is finished by folding the milk skin into squares or rectangles with a sprinkle of salt, and then pan fried. On the other hand, after liquid has been dripped off, soy milk skin gets to be sun dried into Doupi. It will remain good for as long as half a year or one whether it is oil fried or not.


        Besides Doupi and Doubao, many other byproducts of soy milk making are produced like tofu (豆腐), Douhua(豆花), Douzha (bean curd refuse)(豆渣), etc.

Most of these contain fat.







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