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       歴史劇 解説は中国語以外、一切原住民アミ族語で語られる。








     (劇はここから始まる。)風光明媚な土地に水も豊富、いよいよ安定な生活に入るのも束の間、突然鬼の清朝軍が現れて, 政令を押し付け納貢を強要する。











                 The Historical Play of Dien Guang Li    

                                         by Chetze Lin 林哲次                                     

      With panoramic views of mountains and golden rice paddies along the long Hua-Tung Rift Valley, Rei Kung Huo is nestled at the foot of the coastal range.


     Rei-Kung-Huo, the old name of the present Dien Guang Li, literally means “thunder’s lightning” because there are always lightning glimpses lit up day and night.  Due to the unnatural magnetic phenomenon in this area, a compass would go crazy when passing this region.


      The tribe consists of five ethnic groups such as Bunun, Puyuma, Amis, Hakka and Holo, with Amis having majority of population.  Most of the inhabitants practice organic agriculture growing rice, millet, fruits and quinoa. 


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                   Historical Play

      The Story:

     It traces back to 200 years ago when it was the era of Qing Dynasty.

     Depressed by the violent Qing oppression, the ancestors of Amis moved out of Pingtung, and immigrated into Rei Kung Huo, Taitung where they settled down.

               (The play begins here.)



     Before long, a host of Qing troop comes to Rei Kung Huo, demanding surrender and heavy taxation, which the Amis refuses. 

In consequence, a war breaks out.  Women and children evacuate with food and supplies; men hold position to protect against the Qing troop.

At dust, as the Qing troop is approaching the river, ready to cross it, Amis militias fire the bamboo canons (usually used for scaring away sparrows) in which carbide is burned.  Bang!  Bang!  Bang!  Matching the flaring lightning, the guns peal over the hills and valley. The Qing troop is frightened by the false explosion and takes to their heels.

The whole village gathers and celebrates the victory with ecstasy, fixing a feast, dancing and singing. 



The End




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